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Karen Wellington

About this teacher

I have 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry and something that began as a hobby, has now turned into a passion to help others.

I love teaching the Pilates and other fitness classes but as the years rolled on the amount of pressure I was putting upon myself was enormous, resulting in serious back pain, trapped nerves, muscle spasms that were so severe that I couldn't stand, walk or work and this as you can imagine made me very unhappy to say the least. I had visions of being wheelchair bound by the age of 40,I tried every therapy going, some were good, some did not work at all, but with all of them the results were temporary. So I developed a survival strategy which changed my life around completely, and I can honestly say that with the small changes I made I am fitter and healthier in mind and body then ever before.

This strategy is something I would like to teach you, it involves simple steps to improve your own health, reduce pain, improve your wellbeing , strengthen your body, free your mind and give you the happiness and healthy body that you desire.

Courses taught by Karen Wellington