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Victoria Holden

About this teacher

Vicky is a tai chi and qigong teacher of 25 years’
experience.  She is a registered
instructor with the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), which is
the Sport England-recognised governing body for tai chi.  She is also an Advanced Instructor with the
Tai Chi and Qigong Union for Great Britain and holds an NVQ in teaching Chinese
Martial Arts.

Vicky teaches various styles of tai chi, being an initiated
student in Zheng Manqing style, from the lineage of Yue Shu Ting, and also
teaches a variety of qigong styles including Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong as an
instructor authorised by Dr. Bingkun Hu.

Although Vicky teaches tai chi partner forms, pushing hands
and weapons, at the Guild, the emphasis is on learning the basic principles of
the art as described in the Tai Chi Classics to promote health and

Tai chi is often used creatively by the NHS and other bodies
for falls prevention and general fitness programmes, including for mental
health.  Vicky has taught tai chi in many
settings for Trafford and Manchester Health Promotion, including NHS Health
Awareness Days, Manchester Council’s Zest programme and NHS Falls Prevention

Vicky is also a qualified Postural Stability Instructor (PSI)
through Later Life Training, a Level 4 course that specialises in preventing
falls in later life and makes use of tai chi training as part of its
strategy.  She has also taught for
Trafford Adult Education, providing sessions to aid in mental health recovery
at BlueSci and for the Probation Service, amongst others, as well as sessions promoting
over-50’s activities for VCAT 50+ voice network and seated tai chi classes in various
care settings.

Courses taught by Victoria Holden