The British Isles A Geological Journey Through Time

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Course synopsis

The British Isles has undergone a remarkable journey through geological
time from thirty degrees south of the equator to its present position some
fifty degrees north. The course will look at the main geological periods and
the processes which are of significance to the evolution of the British Isles
as we know them of as of today.


Week 1 The importance of plate tectonics, continental drift and mountain
building periods in the geological column.

Week2  The Pre Cambrian and Cambrian 1000Ma to 500Ma.

Week 3 The Ordovician 500 to 435 Ma and the Silurian 435 to 395 Ma and
the Caledonian Orogeny.

Week 4 The Devonian or ORS 395Ma to 345 Ma

Week 5 The Lower Carboniferous, the importance of limestones,

Week 6  The Middle Carboniferous and Upper Carboniferous
gritstones, shales, coal measure series. The Variscan Orogeny. 290 to 280 Ma.

Week 7 The Permian and Triassic periods 280 to 195 Ma. NRS.

Week 8 The Jurassic period , the acme of the dinosaurs. 195 to 135 Ma.
The Cretaceous period and sea level changes 135 to 65Ma.

Week 9 The Tertiary period and the Alpine Orogeny 65 to 2 Ma.

Week 10 The Pleistocene, the Ice Age and the Holocene, 2Ma to present.

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