Plate Tectonics And Associated Hazards

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Course synopsis

WEEK 1 Early theories and
Continental Drift and Alfred Wegener

WEEK 2 Sea floor spreading, Harry
Hess and work in the 1960s. Vine and Matthews

WEEK 3 Vine and Matthews
Hypothesis. Paleomagnetic theory

WEEK 4 Plate tectonic theory and
plate boundaries

WEEK 5 Volcanic Hazards associated
with Plate Boundaries

WEEK 6 Two volcanic case studies
associated with plate tectonics, Mount Pinatubo and Mao Loa.

WEEK 7 Earthquakes and their relationship
plate boundaries

WEEK 8 Two earthquake case
studies, Port au Prince, Haiti and L’Aquila, Italy.

WEEK 9 Tsunamis, causes and
characteristics, two case studies, The Indian Ocean 2004 and Japanese Tsunami

WEEK 10 Mountain Building and the
link to plate tectonics.

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