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Nicole Malloy

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I am a German native speaker. Despite having lived in the UK for a number of years now, I am still very much in touch with life in Germany. I love sharing the German language, culture and traditions with others. It is very much my passion to take my learners on a journey through culture and language and to support them making progress with learning German.


Apart from a native speaker I am a qualified translator and teacher. Throughout my career I delivered language classes in a range of settings - from primary and secondary schools, to language schools and adult education settings - and to as large a range of learners - of all ages and all levels. I am very much looking forward to continuing with this here at the Wilmslow Guild. Should there be any queries in relation to the courses I am delivering please do not hesitate to contact me on nmalloy78@googlemail.com. I am looking forward to many of you joining me for one or the other German course.

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