About The Guild

Mission, Vision and Values


To provide lifelong learning opportunities, adult education and social activities for the welfare of the whole community


To provide a centre in which people may find opportunities for the enrichment of life through education fellowship and co-operative effort for the welfare of the whole community


The Guild for Lifelong Learning aims to:

  • advance education in Wilmslow and the surrounding areas
  • improve the health and wellbeing of communities through the delivery of adult education and social activities
  • improve the conditions and quality of life, reduce social isolation and encourage active citizenship by building stronger, active and inclusive communities, and
  • provide opportunities that promote and enhance individual and collective capabilities, knowledge, skills and understanding of areas of study


  • Collaboration: we believe in working with one another to advance the education of others

  • Wellbeing: we value the welfare and well-being of others

  • Equality: we value and respect one another and operate without discrimination

  • Professionalism: we behave with honesty, in good faith and promote strong moral principles

  • Innovation: we recognise the value of innovation to develop new solutions

    • Potential: we promote opportunities for others to make the most of their abilities
  • Quality: we work to the standards set by Cheshire East Council, Ofsted and SFA. All courses are delivered by subject specialist qualified teachers.