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Course synopsis

Want To Break Free from Negative Thought Patterns, Stop Worrying and Learn to Think More Positively?  Then this course is for you! You will learn some new strategies and practices which will lead you to a more positive and fulfilling life. You will have techniques to curb negative thoughts and overthinking. 

The course uses proven techniques from Positive Psychology, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness and the science of Neuroplasticity. Sheila will demonstrate how you can train your mind to handle the difficulties you may face and importantly learn to savour the good things in life too. The course will build your resilience to stress and overwhelm. After completing the course, you will and have a more positive mindset. You will feel calmer,

less stressed happier and more fulfilled.

How do we achieve this? 

Every week you will learn new practices which will help you to achieve this. You will be shown how all the activities you undertake are scientifically proven to lead to a more positive mindset, resulting in less stress, depression and negative thinking. This course is NOT Therapy or Counselling?  This course is about training your mind to improve your overall well-being.  We learn how to improve our lives we will not be lingering in our difficulties. 

Each week you will be given tasks and activities to do during the week to help you to achieve this.  You will feel calmer and more positive about your life. You will not be required to take notes, just come to the session, enjoy meeting others and taking part.  

This course will be delivered at The Guild. The sessions will be fun and interactive. 

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About the teacher

Dr Sheila French

Sheila is passionate about helping individuals to achieve their potential. She offers 1:1 coaching, works with groups and trains in the workplace setting.

Sheila is certified to teach Mindfulness...

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