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Autumn Term

EQ and The eye in the heart.

"What does it mean to have an eye in the heart? " The book "The little Prince" guided children through events in a way that opened the mind to seeing life in different ways. When our own hearts have been broken and bruised we can often find ourselves opening to new ways of viewing our life, and of seeing reality.  We will go into this aged old idea of how we see with the emotions of the heart in this dynamic 10 week course."

Spring Term

EQ and transforming minds.

" Our emotions play a large part in how our thoughts evolve. Key emotions can conceal or reveal what we reject or accept within our self. Motives can be mixed, and the manner in which we deal with experiences can be seen in various ways, depending on attitude, attention, and intention.

Transforming minds depends thus in changing hearts too. We will discuss our awareness of how  we evolve in the interplay with thoughts and emotions over this interactive 10 week course.

Summer Term

EQ and the way we relate.

" To relate is a crash lesson in sailing the emotional seas of life. Some relationships are profoundly healing and uplifting, others are wounding and difficult. All are doorways to growing awareness, and learning about ourselves. Whether a colleague, a family member, a spouse, a friend, neighbour, or stranger all relationships produce the conditions for extending our perception of what it is to be alive, and human. We will discuss our social and self management skills over this enlivening 10 week course

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Marion Duff

I have been a freelance counsellor since the early 80ies, taught in extral mural department in Manchester University, FE/HE colleges for counselling courses, special needs, MIND and age concern. Have...

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