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May 20, 2024

The Guild goes far – by Janine Turner

When I set up my German film club on a Monday evening, I like to allow myself time to slip downstairs and look at the sparkling cabinets of jewellery. I often treat myself to earrings.

For several years now, I have been learning the Russian language. This began with a request from a Russian lady to teach her English. We decided that, in lieu of payment, she would teach me Russian. In the lockdowns, I met Elena every morning at 10.30, including weekends via WhatsApp or Zoom. We got the hang of the mute button very rapidly.

Elena then referred me to her friend Tanya in Moscow, and so Tanya and I met every Monday and Wednesday evening. We three are good, good friends, despite war.

It was Tanya’s birthday recently and Elena had to return to Moscow to sort her pension. I thought of the sparkling cabinet at the Guild. Ali helped me choose a pretty necklace and soon it was wending its way across the Customs of Uzbekistan then Russia – in Elena’s suitcase.

Tanya got her Guild Gift on her birthday, and she is delighted!