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Jan 23, 2023

Scams Awareness bulletin 34 January 2023

In this issue:

How to spot befriending

How to protect yourself
and loved ones

Current frauds

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With Valentine’s Day not far off, we recap on the subject of Befriending Fraud (sometimes called romance fraud) which is on the increase. In 2021 blanks claim that this accounted for £30.9m Action Fraud believes it to be in the region of £95m (as people are too embarrassed to don’t report it). This type of fraud grows year on year in the region of 80%. 

We also provide updates on the current fraud alerts in our catchment area, including: 

  • HRMC 

  • QR code fraud 

  • PayPal email fraud 

  • Debt Clearing scam 

  • If would like to talk more about your own situation and fraud, please contact our Scams Awareness & Aftercare Team on 01625 612958 or and these can be organised and delivered to you in the safety of your own home, a community centre/library or via zoom if you prefer.