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Sep 20, 2022

The latest bulletin from Age UK’s Older Persons Scam Awareness & Aftercare Project [Issue 30]

This month’s issue centres on Banking Fraud. With over £730m lost to financial fraud last year; knowing how to protect ourselves from these kinds of fraud is timely.

We also provide updates on the current fraud alerts including:

Apple Pay failure text messages

Ongoing Energy Rebate scam

ECO4 boiler replacement scheme

Gift Card fraud

The bulletin attached to this email can also be downloaded from the Age UK website at the following links, so please feel free to pass on the URLs to anyone you think might be interested or benefit from the enclosed information.

Also, just a reminder that we continue to offer one to one scam awareness sessions. If you’re aged 50+, live in the northern or eastern parts for Cheshire East and would like to talk more about your own situation and fraud, please contact our Scams Awareness & Aftercare Team on 01625 612958 or and these can be organised and delivered to you in the safety of your own home.