Music Appreciation: First And Last Thoughts

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We will listen to the first and last compositions of a variety of composers from the last four hundred years, with one composer considered each week.   Some composers appear to have found a characteristic style early on and retain this through their lives.  Others took a long time to find their voice and it is hard to recognize their early work, heavily influenced by others as being by them.  Some composers go through a variety of styles and it is interesting to explore this too.  This course has now been given several times; the composers selected in 2022 will mainly not be those selected in earlier courses although we may revit a few who were particularly prolific in their early or later years.

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Spring 2021/22
Wednesdays, 14:00 - 16:00

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Peter Eccles

I have spent the whole of my working life at The University of Manchester in the School of Mathematics studying and teaching mathematics.  On retiring in September 2015 I...

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