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Landscape And History In Wales

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Course synopsis

Wales is best known today for its stunning
scenery, from dramatic mountains to the gentle slopes of Montgomeryshire, to
the many miles of coastline that so many visitors enjoy and revisit time and
again. But how has this landscape affected the course of Welsh history, and how
has humankind been challenged by, and changed, the landscape in the region?
Beginning with a short survey of the geology and natural resources of the
nation, we will go on to look at some key features of the landscape and assess
how people have interacted with it. How did they use the landscape to survive,
and what did they build?  How did natural
resources (or a lack of them) influence the course of history in different
parts of Wales?  Did the landscape
protect Wales from attack, or did it make it more vulnerable? Did man’s impact
on the landscape affect local economies, migration, even military
strategy?  All topics discussed will be
placed firmly in the context of a wider timeline of Welsh history; no previous
knowledge of the subject is necessary.

Circumstances permitting, it is envisaged that
a group visit to NE Wales will be undertaken, to visit some key sites of
interest to illustrate major points made during the course.

will the course be delivered?

The course will consist of two hour, weekly
Zoom classes, with follow-up emails summarizing each session, and offering
links, copies of any slides used, and any discussion points raised. Email
support from the tutor is always available.


The tutor, Gill Rossini, is a highly
experienced and published historian who lived and worked in Wales for over a
decade, teaching for the University of Aberystwyth (including the history of
Wales), and has experience of tracing her own Welsh ancestry. She was recently
commissioned by a television company to devise and present a series of history
documentaries, which will be filmed over the next twelve months, circumstances

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Summer 2021/22
Wednesdays, 14:00 - 16:00
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Gill Rossini

Gill Rossini is a professional historian, writer and lecturer who specialises in researching the lives of the marginalised, the poor, and those who in the past were regarded...

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