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An Introduction To Dna And Historical Studies: An Online Course

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Course synopsis

This course offers newcomers to the subject a straightforward, plain English guide to the relationship between DNA science and our exploration of the past. A ten-week course, it covers five topics:

-       New kid on the block? A comparative survey of DNA science and other methods used to analyse the past, which inform and update our understanding of history.

-       DNA and its impact on genealogical studies - does it really matter how much Viking DNA you have…if any?

-       Archaeological studies: how DNA helps us learn more about ancient societies 

-       Adoption studies: the promise and perils of tracing birth family through DNA profiling

-       Genocide studies and genetic genocide, including the use of DNA profiling to link victims with living family


The course begins on Thursday 12th January at 2.00pm.


How will the course be delivered?

The course will consist of two-hour, weekly Zoom classes, with follow-up emails summarizing each session, and offering links, copies of any slides used, and any discussion points raised. Email support from the tutor is always available.

The Tutor

The tutor, Gill Rossini, is a highly experienced and published historian who has taught for the University of Aberystwyth and takes a keen interest in the new technologies that influence historical studies. She has been teaching in the post-18 sector since 1988.

Gill was commissioned to write three social histories, now published and enthusiastically reviewed, and is a regular contributor to the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine. She is also an expert speaker for the internationally renowned research websites, Find My Past.

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About the teacher

Gill Rossini

Gill Rossini is a professional historian, writer and lecturer who specialises in researching the lives of the marginalised, the poor, and those who in the past were regarded...

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