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When did the German film club at The Guild begin?  Incredibly, I think that this will be its ninth year and therefore, roughly eighty German films have come and gone in that time.  Films are an important part of my life and it has been my great pleasure to discover so many like-minded people in the environs of Wilmslow!

I truly believe that films help you understand and appreciate the world better, empathise with others, understand a little better what we ourselves are like.

This year, we shall watch a mix of old classics and several brand-new winners from the Berlinale film festival. 

We who speak German in the UK are a minority group.  This was the case when I first learned German at school in the seventies and it is most certainly the case now.  Being a minority however is no bad thing, particularly when you meet like-minded enthusiasts.  If the list of German films below appeals to you and you want to hear a brief introduction to each, then offer your views after the screening then please join us at the Guild next season:


Oct 7 Das Lehrerzimmer

Nov 4 Kaddisch fur einen Freund

Nov 25 M


Jan 6 Roter Himmel

Feb 3 Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum

March 3 Der Untergang

March 31 Der Blaue Engel

May 12 Halt auf freier Strecke

June 2 Russendisko


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