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Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2023 Inspirational weekend workshop to unblock the barriers to your creativity. Build confidence and fluency in an atmosphere of fun and discovery. Whatever kind of writing you do, or aspire to do – life experiences, short stories, journalism, a blog, business writing, marketing material or even a best-seller - this highly acclaimed course offers you an opportunity to let go of what is expected in order to make more space for spontaneity and creativity. 

The learning approach is quirky, unconventional and sometimes challenging. A series of writing games, processes and group discussions allow participants to make important discoveries for themselves. We address not only the all-important process of structuring, writing and editing, but the psychological aspects too. You will learn how to bypass your logical, self-critical brain and tap into your more creative powers. 

There is an opportunity to put your new techniques into action on your own work-based project. So come and be amazed by skills you never realised you have 

Who should attend? Beginners or experienced writers who want their writing to be more powerful and engaging - with more life, passion and style. Anyone who wants to speed up the writing process and produce better text in half the time. Particularly useful for anyone wanting to kick-start their creativity and to boost confidence and motivation. Ideal for anyone who may previously have struggled with the written word. Anyone who thinks they are not creative…but is open to being amazed and surprised. 

You will learn how to: write more fluently on any topic, for any purpose tap into your creativity and incorporate it into day to day writing tasks produce compelling text that engages, inspires and motivates your readers gain confidence and avoid writer's block plan and structure your writing effectively improve pace, readability and style
 discover the power of writing with passion communicate from the heart and the head Please bring on the day: Pen and large notebook, or A4 ruled writing pad and ring-binder file. A short example of your writing if possible. This is optional and will give the course leader an idea of your present writing style. 

On Sunday you will be offered an opportunity to do a half hour piece of writing on any subject you choose. This is not compulsory but if you have any ideas, bring them with you, together with any notes, photographs or background information you may need. Optional – A packed lunch. 

Sessions are Saturday 10am to 5pm. Sunday 10am to 5pm. 

Email Judi with any questions

What people say about this course 

"Fabulous course – would highly recommend it to anyone."Louise Daniels, Macclesfield 

"Inspirational! Makes you feel safe and brave, and helps you break through boundaries in your writing and your life."Sarah George, Manchester 

"It helped me loosen up and let the words flow out." Julie Draper, Manchester 

"Challenging but fun. Encouraged creativity in a non-judgmental atmosphere."Christa Rodwell, Wilmslow 

"An experience which has changed my perspective on writing from a place of fear to one of creative enjoyment."Joshua Coulton, Manchester 

"Thank you for the course. I recommend it to EVERYONE I meet who is looking for more confidence in their writing because that's what it did for me. Thanks again Judi," Karen Hall, Freelance Journalist, London 

"Reading my material and having feedback has opened up has opened up so much possibility for me. Thank you from the heart." Elizabeth Andrew, Manchester 

"A nice way to spend a weekend …… learning but also enjoying." John Bell, Northwich "Accepting and inspiring. It has freed me to become the real me." Pam Hanson, Author 

"I have felt so alive since the weekend and I'm sure my writing reflects this – it's certainly more fluent." A. D. Hebden Bridge 

"A great learning experience. I've laughed, I've cried but most of all I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A big thank you." S. F. Liverpool

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Nov 18, 2023 10:00am - 5:00pm

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Judi Goodwin

Judi Goodwin comes from a background of journalism and broadcasting. She regularly contributed to The Daily Telegraph and Woman’s Hour and was consultant houses editor for Ideal Home. She now...

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