The Art Of Collage: An Artist’s Story

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I have been a regular tutor at the Guild for some years, and
students often ask me about my own practice. This is an opportunity to talk and
to present in depth the recent history of my work as an artist, explain the
nature of my journey from art school, and how collage became the key to
unlocking my potential. I will start by talking about the history of collage as
a medium in the 20th century, followed by a brief talk on my reasons
for using this medium and which artists influenced me most, especially Surrealism
in the 1920s and 30s, and Pop Art in the 1960s and 70s. I will then talk about
my own work, explaining the relationship between collage and printmaking, and how
‘found’ images form the basis of much of the prints and collages.

After a break, there will be tables with a large selection of work
– screenprints, etchings, monoprints, collages, exhibition catalogues etc. I will
try to explain the process by which the prints are made. There will also be
several sketchbooks showing ideas, scrapbooks on art etc. After around 15
minutes of the class looking at whatever interests them, I could answer
questions on what they have seen.


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Oct 10, 2022 01:00pm - 4:00pm

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Ian Irvine

As a practising artist, I think I approach teaching art history not from an academic standpoint, but to tell stories and anecdotes, and...

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