Life Drawing Event 24 January 2024

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Life drawing is one of the most fascinating things to do in art and design. It is a superb way of starting your drawing journey if you have never been there before, and it is a never-ending theme for more advanced artists at all levels.

In everyday life, we are tuned into observing and interpreting the bodies and movements of our fellow humans. This makes us experts in knowing about the theme of this course!  As we 'own' and use our own physical bodies, we bring a lot of observational and embodied experience to drawing the model.  As the nude comes without visual distractions on its surface like buttonholes, textile patterns, shoelaces, and shape-changing garment silhouettes, drawing is all about observing the shape and how it transforms in its various poses. A beautifully simple and elegant concept.

This life-drawing half-day WEDNESDAY session (13.30 am – 16:00 pm) is a great opportunity to spend time in a relaxed and friendly half-day class to explore life-drawing away from the commitment that comes with a continuous life-drawing course.


For those leaners who want to embark on their own drawing journey for all or parts of the day, it is encouraged to have a think ahead of the event about what materials and processes you might like to try out and come prepared accordingly.


Sabine will support each learner individually in as much or as little as they wish and she gives plenty of demonstrations of a selection of drawing processes.

Beginners to life drawing are very welcome.  Learners are encouraged to engage with each other about their unfolding drawing journeys and there are opportunities in each block to walk around and see and talk about others' work.


Learners should bring one or two B4 or softer pencils and a sharpener and a colour medium of their choice – e.g. watercolours (watercolour paper is only needed if you want to go for the full watercolour-layering technique) or acrylic paints. Just a few colours will do. E.g. red, yellow, blue, white (in the case of acrylics) and black. Bring inexpensive tape to paste papers down onto the board.

Inexpensive A2 size cartridge paper can be purchased in class (A2 cartridge paper, 130 g, 18p/sheet). Learners will draw on tables and drawing boards/trestles. The Guild does not supply easels. But learners are also welcome to bring their own materials and papers.

The session is suited for beginners and experts alike.

Please note that Sabine also teaches full-day life-drawing events in the Guild. You find information and booking for them under the Guild’s ‘Event’ EVENTS section of the website and ongoing 12-week courses on a Monday night and on a Thursday afternoon. (


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Jan 24, 2024 01:30pm - 4:00pm

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Sabine Kussmaul

Sabine trained as a fashion designer with the aim to combine a fascination for drawing with the exploration of the sculptural potential of the human figure. After some time...

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