Electric Guitar Set Up Workshop

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This one day course is suitable for anyone who is interested in finding out the secrets of a professional guitar setup. The aims are to get your guitar to play the way you want it, addressing issues such as intonation, action and neck alignment as well as showing you how to clean your feet board and polish your frets. The course is suitable for anyone who plays guitar and wants to progress beyond simply changing their own strings.

Learn how to:

Remove strings

Check fret condition and heights using a fret rocker

Check the neck for bow/relief with a notched straight edge

Adjust the truss rod

Restring and setting the action

Set the bridge radius to match the fretboard radius

Set a vibrato unit

Check and setting intonation

Polish frets

Clean a rosewood fret board

Check nut and saddle condition, cleaning as necessary

Plus acoustic bridge saddle adjustment

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Jan 15, 2022 10:00am - 4:00pm