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Last December, we held our first international evening, which was designed to bring all learners from all the language classes the Guild for Lifelong Learning offers to celebrate their learning, but also to use their acquired language skills in a social setting.

Around 70 students joined the event, which filled the Community Café with lots of conversations in a range of languages, with laughter and enjoyment and even German Christmas carols, all sweetened by food and drink from Germany, France, Italy and Spain. 

Following the success of this first event, we will be holding a second international evening on Thursday 29th June from 7.30pm in the main hall at the Guild. Apart from hopefully welcoming again many existing language learners, we are also looking forward to being joined by many individuals who have studied German, French, Italian and/or Spanish at some point and who would love to restart their language learning journey with the Guild or who would like to start afresh with one of our beginner classes.

Apart from celebrating language learning  through conversations in many languages in a friendly setting, we will also be having a foreign language book fair.  Language teachers will be present to answer any questions. 

Please feel free to BYO drinks, soft drinks can be purchased from our community café and there will be food :)

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Jun 29, 2023 07:30pm - 9:00pm

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