Fossils A Glimpse Of The Past

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Course synopsis

This course will study how fossils are formed, classified and spend time
each week investigating the main fossil groups which are of significance in the
geological column.

Week 1 What are fossils, how are they formed and how they are classified
into Phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.

Week 2  Trilobites and Graptolites, fossils of the Cambrian to
Orovician geological periods.

Week 3 Brachiopods and Bivalves, the basic differences and their
usefulness to the geologist.

Week 4 Cephalopds, members of the mollusc phylum. Nautiloids, ammonites
and beleminites will be examined. 

Week 5  Gastropods, commonly known as snails, found in the Mesozoic
era, especially the Tertiary.

Week 6 Crinoids and Echinoids both of the echinoderm phylum.

Week 7 Corals, an investigation into the many varieties and their
usefulness to the geologist.

Week 8 Fossil Vertebrates, tracing the evolution through time, fish,
amphibians,reptiles, mammals and birds.

Week 9 Fossil Plants the evolution of land plants, Carboniferous coal

Week 10 Some practical work on fossils recognition, labelling of main

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Spring 2021/22
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