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Do you enjoy films and the opportunity to talk about them after viewing?  Would you like to become part of the Guild’s Wednesday Night Film Club?  We are a small group that meets up three times each term to watch a variety of films, chosen by the members.  We might catch up with ones we remember from years ago, or those we missed at the cinema; we choose some foreign or anime titles, and some recommended by critics.  And then we chat – about what we liked and what did not work for us; about relevant background information or similar films; we might try to pinpoint what we feel we have learned. 

It's informal. It’s sociable. It’s a chance to share your thoughts.  We would welcome you to come and join us.

One long-term member says, ‘I love the discussions at the end - especially when we disagree. Which can be quite often!’  And as a very new member puts it, ‘the sharing of thoughts about our individual view of what we have seen often give a completely fresh perspective’ 

Sept 27 An Education    2009

Oct 18 Undertow 2009 Spanish

Nov 29 L’Homme du Train 2003 French

Jan 31 Submarine 2010

Feb 28         Your Name  2016  Japanese

March 27         Mr Jones 2019

April 24 Butterfly’s Tongue 1999 Spanish

May 22 Last Resort 2000

June 26 M Hulot’s Holiday 1953 French


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