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Everyone who loves gardening is warmly welcomed to the Gardening Club. We are a mix of beginner and experienced gardeners with information and enthusiasm to share. We have a programme of 13 lectures this year for you to enjoy. 

We look forward to plant sales, plant raffles, browsing through our library of gardening books and coffee breaks for face-to-face chats.  

Gardening Club Programme Sept 23-April 2024 Meetings start at 7.30pm

* Plants for sale + Books for sale


14 September *

Sensory sensations (including grasses)

Paul Green, Greens Leaves Nursery,Newent.

28 September *

Marvellous mints and perfect poppies.

(Great plants from the lamiaceae and papaveraceae families)

Dr Andrew Ward, Norwell Nurseries.

12 October *

My Favourite Plant Associations

Michael D Myers, Lecturer in Horticulture, Craven College, Yorks.

26 October +

The Joy of Gardens

Griselda Kerr, Dower House, Melbourne.

16 November *

Plants for the Connoisseur

Simon Gulliver, NT Gardens Advisor.

30 November *

A Calendar of Colour

Don Witton, Plantsman, Sheffield.

14 Dec   

A Christmas Social with Quiz

Razvan Chisu, Horticulturalist MCI Hort.


11 January 

Castlefield, the Garden in the Sky

Pamela Smith NT Senior National Consultant for Gardens and Parks.

25 January 

Unforgettable Gardens of Somerset and Dorset

Camilla Anderson, Garden Historian and Lecturer, Derbyshire.

8 February 

A Plantsman’s Garden

Kevin Pratt, Plantsman, Village Plants, Hazel Grove.

22 February *

Making the Most of Your Garden Space

Jane Allison, Mayfields Nursery, Stanthorne.

14 March *

Sissinghurst – an update

Troy Scott Smith, Head Gardener.

28 March *

Growing Dahlias My Way

Ian Sutherland, Dahlia Enthusiast, National Champion and Judge. Blackburn.

18 April *

Brodsworth Hall Gardens – ongoing restoration of a Victorian garden

Daniel Hale, Head Gardener.

27 April

Guild Plant Sale


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