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Everyone who loves gardening is warmly welcomed to the Gardening Club. We are a mix of beginner and experienced gardeners with information and enthusiasm to share. We have a programme of 14 lectures this year for you to enjoy.

Hopefully, we will be able to meet in person at the Guild again, but if Covid restrictions are in place the speakers will give zoom lectures. We look forward to plant sales, plant raffles, browsing through our library of gardening books and coffee breaks for face-to-face chats. With luck, we will also be able to resume our outings to gardens and nurseries. Website The Guild Gardening Club Programme 2021-22


23 September*

Sunshine Susies and Shady Ladies 

Jacky Iddon - Jacqueline Iddon's Hardy Plants


7 October

Development of Bluebell Cottage Gardens

Sue Beesley - Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nursery, Dutton


21 October* AGM 

Astride the Fence

Neil Timm - The Fern Nursery, Binbrook, Lincs 


4 November

Easy Gardening - the Low Maintenance Garden

Geoff Hodge - Freelance Garden Writer, Author, Broadcaster and Horticultural Consultant 


18 November* York Gate Garden Through the Seasons

Ben Preston - Head Gardener, York Gate, Leeds 


2 December* Once Seen Never Forgotten

Don Witton - Planstman and Euphorbia Specialist, Sheffield



6 January

Unusual Bulbs

Kevin Pratt - Plantsman, Village Plants, Hazel Grove


20 January* Foliage Matters

Maureen Sawyer - Garden Lecturer, Artist, Designer, Stretford


3 February* Confessions of a Plantaholic

Razvan Chisu - Horticulturalist, MCI Hort., Cheshire


17 February* Plants with a Story

Samantha Hopes - Hopes Garden Plants, Halesowen


3 March* Creating Beautiful Borders

Laura Willgoss - Bouts Violas, Wildegoose Nursery, Shropshire 


17 March* A Good Mix of Plants for Spring

Paul Green - Green's Leaves Nursery, Newent


31 March

Perfect Plants for Problem Places

Doug Stewart - Chartered Horticulturalist, Yorkshire


21 April* Hardy Geraniums: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sue Clarke - Holder of National Collection Hardy Geraniums




* Speakers bringing Plants for Sale


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